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Day Programs

day care

In addition to overnight boarding, Kevertin offers fun and excitement for your pets on a daily basis. Whether you are at work, on a day trip, or just wanting your pets to play, Kevertin is the best place for your pets. Kevertin offers day programs to fit the needs and wants of all of our guests and their parents.

Day Care

Day care is for all of those Canine-Americans who do not recognize their canine side! That's why they enjoy all of their playtime with one of their fellow humans; going for walks, enjoying "yappy hour," and visiting our playground -- all without the threat of a canine stealing their spotlight.

Day Camp

Day camp is for all those social butterflies who enjoy the company of their peers. They too go for walks, enjoy "yappy hour," and visit our play ground --but do this as a group of well-socialized, compatible friends. They have a blast playing ball, chasing Frisbees, and clowning around with all of their fellow campers.

  • Note: Day Camp is for well-socialized dogs and is not an appropriate program for dogs who lack socialization. Please ask about other options we can offer you.
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