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Dog Boarding

General information

in house

Each of our guests will enjoy his or her private accommodations in a fully heated and air-conditioned indoor area. Our guest’s comfort is a top priority, so plush blankets and bedding are provided. You may choose to send a bed or blanket to the resort with your pet, which we are happy to use, however, please do not send any irreplaceable items or items that are not machine washable.

You may choose to have your pet board with us in one of our runs or in our crated quiet section. Our runs have outdoor access throughout the day as weather permits, but are closed off at night to ensure a good night sleep for everyone. Our crated quiet section has a calmer vibe and is great for dogs, both small and large, that would appreciate a more passive environment.

No matter what area you choose for your dog, he or she will experience individual attention and all the fun Kevertin has to offer, which includes:

  • individual, off-leash and outdoor play yard time (at least three 15 minute sessions)
  • individual walk along our nature trail
  • yummy, healthy, all-natural biscuits and treats at “yappy hour”
  • individual personal time with one of our staff members each time they are walked or exercised
  • healthy, delicious meals prepared just the way they like it (Your pet’s stay includes meals with the food we provide, Precise, which is a healthy, all-natural dry food, but we will be happy to serve your pet’s own food if you choose to provide it.)

If you feel that your pet would benefit from even more exercise than we provide, we would be happy to make arrangements to give your pet extra walks or play sessions on our 10,000 sq ft. play ground for a small extra charge.

When your pet returns home from his or her vacation:

Your pet will be extremely excited to see you when you come to pick him up from the resort. Please remember that excitement may cause him to become thirsty. Don’t be alarmed if he seems thirsty at home, but please offer him only small amounts of water until he is settled because he may drink too quickly and upset his stomach. It is normal for pets to be tired after being at the resort (don’t you often need a vacation from your vacation!) Don’t be alarmed if your pet spends a day or two resting when he first gets home, as he will be adjusting to his normal routine and the lack of stimulation he experienced at the resort. If the abnormal behavior does not subside after a day or two, or if you notice other symptoms of illness, please contact your veterinarian and let us know of any problems.

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