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About Us

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Kevertin Pet Resort employs only the most compassionate of animal lovers on the shore; all of which are trained and educated to our highest standards.  All of our full-time kennel technicians are Pet Tech Certified through the Pet Care Services Association, which gives them the information to specifically cater to the needs of pets under boarding conditions.  Some of the information covered under that program are:

  • Recognizing animal's needs - providing companionship
  • Why and how we clean - disease and parasite control
  • Animal handling, control and behavior
  • Safety and security for pets and staff
  • Record keeping - medical records
  • How to administer medications
  • Pet nutrition and weight management
  • Disease and disorder recognition
  • Breed and gender identification
  • Grooming - skin and coat care
  • First aid for animals and humans
  • Understanding stress and stress related problems

In addition to having a well-trained, educated staff, Kevertin Pet Resort works closely with the local veterinarians to continue obtaining important knowledge in the field of animal care and will consult your own veterinarian for further information about your particular pet when needed.


Want to join our team? Visit our employment section. 



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